Your Passion Isn’t a Business. 3 facts to help.

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Passion is a great starting point, but you need hustle, planning, and market validation to successfully build a business around that passion. Simply loving something is not enough to make it a viable business.

Blunt Force Fact #1: Dreams are free but hustle is sold separately. You need to put in the hard work and effort to turn your passion into a profitable business. Dreams alone are not enough.

Blunt Force Fact #2: Passion without a plan is just a hobby. To turn your passion into a business, you need an actual business plan and strategy. Otherwise it will just stay a hobby or side gig.

Blunt Force Fact #3: Not every passion is marketable. Just because you are passionate about something does not mean there is a profitable market for it. You need to evaluate if enough people will actually pay for your product or service.