Why You Didn’t Go Viral (…and why you shouldn’t care)

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Brian and Patrick explain that true virality means reaching a huge audience of people who are not your ideal customers. This may generate vanity metrics like views and likes, but it won’t necessarily result in more business. They advise against using auto-scheduling tools which can restrict your reach, and say you should post natively when possible. Tracking your posts’ performance too closely is also a distraction. The key takeaway for entrepreneurs is to focus on generating content that resonates with your target audience, not chasing viral fame. Measure your social media growth monthly rather than obsessing over daily fluctuations.

Blunt Force Facts:

  • Don’t talk to strangers – Going viral means reaching people outside your target audience. Focus on creating content for your ideal customers, not random strangers who won’t do business with you.
  • Easy roads lead to dead ends – Scheduling tools may hinder your reach on social media. Post natively when possible for better engagement.
  • Let it go – Obsessing over each post’s performance is a waste of time. Review your social media analytics monthly instead of daily.