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Brian and Patrick discuss the importance of guarantees in business. They emphasize that a guarantee can make potential customers feel comfortable and can positively affect purchase rates. Guarantees are a key component of a product or service, as they demonstrate the seller’s confidence in the product and reassure the customer. The hosts also touch upon the operational aspect of managing guarantees and the significance of making them visible to customers, especially during the purchasing process.

Three Blunt Force Facts:

  1. You Can Get a Good Look at a TBone by Sticking Your Head Up a Bull’s Ass, But It’s Beter to Take the Butcher’s Word for it: Your guarantee is your way of making your customer’s job easier. They don’t have time or often expertise to look into your claims. They’re going to take your word for it
  2. Safety is Sexy: Guarantees give your customers a warm, comfortable feeling, and they remove one of the obstacles in the sale. If I don’t like it I can send it back? Okay worth making a purchase…
  3. Your Customers are Lazy: A certain percentage of your customers just aren’t going to do the work to return or complain about something. That makes the math easier.