Start with This Small Business SEO Talk.

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Brian and Patrick talk small business SEO strategies. Understand the evolution of search engines, Google’s supremacy, and how businesses can optimize for better online visibility. They emphasize the significance of keywords, linking, consistent content creation, and the long-term approach necessary for successful SEO.

Blunt Force Facts:

  1. Words Matter: It’s crucial to use the right keywords on your website and to get external websites to link to you, ensuring relevance and authority in your domain.
  2. You Have to Play the Long Game: Google uses robots to crawl the internet and index new content. This means that new content won’t rank immediately. It’s a process that requires patience.
  3. This Game Might Be for You: Understanding the competition in your niche is crucial. Some businesses might benefit more from other marketing tactics like social media or email marketing based on competition and market dynamics.