Raise Your Prices | Pricing

Brian and Patrick emphasize the importance of businesses re-evaluating and potentially increasing their prices. They highlight the common fear among business owners of raising prices and discuss the significance of profit margins. They also touch upon the psychological impact of pricing on consumer perception of value. Blunt Force Facts:

This Video is Guaranteed or Your Money Back | Guarantees

Brian and Patrick discuss the importance of guarantees in business. They emphasize that a guarantee can make potential customers feel comfortable and can positively affect purchase rates. Guarantees are a key component of a product or service, as they demonstrate the seller’s confidence in the product and reassure the customer. The hosts also touch upon […]

Cash Before Cause | Social Responsibility

Brian and Patrick discuss the importance of prioritizing a business’s financial stability before diving into social responsibility initiatives. They express concern over the increasing trend of start-ups focusing too heavily on a social mission before establishing a solid business foundation. Using the state of Rhode Island as an example, they illustrate the pitfalls of every […]

Hustle Culture is a SCAM | Business Productivity

In a world that idolizes endless work and sacrifice, Brian and Patrick debunk the myth of “hustle culture.” The duo discusses the pitfalls of mindless hard work without direction and stress the importance of structure, goal setting, and balance in achieving true productivity. They highlight the dangers of neglecting personal well-being and relationships while offering […]

Customer Service Matters | Customer Service

Brian and Patrick discuss the pivotal role of customer service in business growth. Learn the top three ‘Blunt Force Facts’ on ensuring customer retention and satisfaction. Three Blunt Force Facts:

Business Lessons From the Pandemic | Small Business Planning

Discover crucial business insights from the pandemic era with Brian and Patrick. Dive into the significance of flexibility, the art of innovation, and the power of grit for businesses navigating challenging times. Three Blunt Force Facts:

The Small Business SEO You Need to Know | SEO Strategy

Brian and Patrick talk small business SEO strategies. Understand the evolution of search engines, Google’s supremacy, and how businesses can optimize for better online visibility. They emphasize the significance of keywords, linking, consistent content creation, and the long-term approach necessary for successful SEO. Blunt Force Facts: