How to Say No Instead of Yes and Take Control of Your Business.

The fear of not having enough business or revenue can lead entrepreneurs and business owners to say “yes” to every opportunity without properly evaluating the costs. This can lead to becoming overextended, declining quality, and not focusing on your core business. Blunt Force Facts:

No, you’re not good at multitasking. Here’s how to effectively manage multiple tasks.

Brian and Patrick discuss how multitasking is not effective and share tips on how to better manage multiple tasks. They explain that trying to do multiple things at once divides your attention and leads to mistakes, stress, and fatigue. They recommend time blocking instead of multitasking – schedule focused time on each task without distractions. […]

Your Passion Isn’t a Business. 3 facts to help.

Passion is a great starting point, but you need hustle, planning, and market validation to successfully build a business around that passion. Simply loving something is not enough to make it a viable business. Blunt Force Fact #1: Dreams are free but hustle is sold separately. You need to put in the hard work and […]

3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Contractor Relationships.

Brian and Patrick emphasize that detailing expectations in contracts, praising work, and avoiding micromanagement are key to getting the most out of relationships with gig/contract workers. These strategies help align contractors with your company’s mission and retain top talent in the gig economy. Blunt Force Fact #1: You’ve got to spell it out. When writing […]

W2 Employees vs. 1099 Workers. The Ultimate Business Debate.

Brian and Patrick debate the pros and cons of hiring W2 employees vs 1099 contractors. Some of the key factors include the cost-savings from 1099 contractors, the ability to build a strong brand with W2 employees, and the legal implications for both structures. The conclusion is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and a mix […]

Why You Didn’t Go Viral (…and why you shouldn’t care)

Brian and Patrick explain that true virality means reaching a huge audience of people who are not your ideal customers. This may generate vanity metrics like views and likes, but it won’t necessarily result in more business. They advise against using auto-scheduling tools which can restrict your reach, and say you should post natively when […]

Networking is a Waste of Time. Build Relationships Instead.

Stop going to generic networking events that yield no results. Focus on building relationships with people you can connect with. Quality over quantity. Personal trust can lead to business opportunities and referrals. Blunt Force Facts:

We’re Going to Convince You to Raise Your Prices (and Make Way More Money)

Brian and Patrick emphasize the importance of businesses re-evaluating and potentially increasing their prices. They highlight the common fear among business owners of raising prices and discuss the significance of profit margins. They also touch upon the psychological impact of pricing on consumer perception of value. Blunt Force Facts:

This Video is Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Seriously!

Brian and Patrick discuss the importance of guarantees in business. They emphasize that a guarantee can make potential customers feel comfortable and can positively affect purchase rates. Guarantees are a key component of a product or service, as they demonstrate the seller’s confidence in the product and reassure the customer. The hosts also touch upon […]