Brian LaFauci and Patrick Marino Blunt Force Business

Mission Statement

Blunt Force Business is dedicated to the empowerment of successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. We bring the Blunt Force Facts, the cold honest truths, without sugar-coating or jargon, to promote bottom line business results, health and wellness, and meaningful relationships and ultimately to drive transformational growth.

Core Values

The Blunt Force Facts

Unwavering honesty, clear, concise, and practical strategies tailored for busy leaders who don't have time for fluff: The advice you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

A Holistic Approach

We promote personal health and wellness, recognizing that a strong, balanced leader is better equipped to inspire and guide others.

Relationships Matter

We emphasize nurturing connections with loved ones, ensuring that success is shared and cherished with those who matter most.

Relentless Growth

We encourage continuous self-improvement and challenge our clients to push beyond their limits

Value Statement

Our Blunt Force Facts approach guarantees hard-hitting, brutally honest advice, devoid of jargon and tailored to the needs of modern business leaders interested in optimizing both business and personal performance.