3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Contractor Relationships.

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Brian and Patrick emphasize that detailing expectations in contracts, praising work, and avoiding micromanagement are key to getting the most out of relationships with gig/contract workers. These strategies help align contractors with your company’s mission and retain top talent in the gig economy.

Blunt Force Fact #1: You’ve got to spell it out. When writing contracts with gig workers, be very detailed and specific to avoid loopholes. Focus on clearly defining scope, protection of IP/assets, and termination clauses.

Blunt Force Fact #2: You’ve got to blow smoke. Communicate often with contractors to help them feel connected to the mission. Praise their work and show how they contribute to the bigger picture. This builds engagement and loyalty.

Blunt Force Fact #3: You’ve got to let it go. Hire competent people then trust them to do the job. Avoid micromanaging. The gig economy thrives on autonomous workers.