3 ways to communicate more effectively as a business leader.

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Learn effective communication techniques for business leaders with Brian and Patrick. Explore the significance of active listening, ensuring clear messaging, and the power of repetition.

Three Blunt Force Facts:

  1. Leadership is Listening: Active listening is essential for effective leadership. Instead of waiting for your turn to respond, genuinely hear what others are saying. Listening can be a skill that needs development, and being aware of one’s own biases and inclinations is vital.
  2. Interrogate Your People: It’s crucial to ensure that the message you’re conveying is understood as intended. Leaders should engage with their team members, asking open-ended questions to gauge their comprehension of the message. This “interrogation” helps in identifying any discrepancies and areas of confusion.
  3. Repetition is Key: To ensure everyone is aligned with the company’s mission, vision, and objectives, it’s essential to reiterate key messages regularly. In today’s “attention economy,” messages need to be repeated frequently for them to truly sink in.